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An Evening with Mercedes

An Evening with Mercedes girl photo
Many of our clients want to know what our girls are like and what they can expect when they go out with a sexy London escort. We asked one of our most highly sought after girls to give us a good description of what a typical night with her is like.

Mercedes decided to share the details of one of her most recent evenings.

"I arrived at the client's hotel room at 8 pm. I was wearing a flirty little dress that showed off my cleavage and some wedge heels. He had asked for my hair to be up, so I had it in a loose bun with tendrils hanging down. My driver waited outside and I knocked on the door to be greeted by a very friendly and very eager man."

"He greeted me with a hug and invited me in. He had a bottle of champagne chilling over ice and we each had a glass. He then informed me that he had made dinner reservations at a restaurant nearby. After enjoying a drink, we headed out of the hotel room and walked hand in hand to the restaurant, which was two blocks away."

"During that time, I flirted and told him about some of my wildest nights. He told me about some of his fantasies and I told him that I would love to make some of those happen. He laughed nervously and I'm not sure if he thought I was joking or not. When we arrived to the restaurant, I found that it was one of the better ones in the neighbourhood. He pulled out my chair and was the perfect gentleman."

"We talked about what he does for work over a glass of wine and he told me all about some of his latest travels. We talked about travel for a better part of the evening over dinner. He had booked me for an overnight, so we were not pressed for time. It was very relaxing to be able to sit and chat for as long as we wanted. Some men don't realize how much time they need to get comfortable and then it seems like we are racing around trying to do everything they want to do. I will go along with anything, but those kinds of evenings can be very stressful."

"After dinner, he didn't seem to know what to do next, so I suggested we go back to his hotel room. I slipped out of my dress and gave him a good look at the lingerie I had on underneath. He had a permanent smile on his face for the rest of the night. We curled into the bed and watched one of the pay-per-view movies. We watched some of the movie, but then I remember kissing him on the lips, taking him by surprise, and the rest of the night went very well."

Every experience with our escorts in London will be a good one and it's all about finding a girl you are comfortable with and talking about your wants and needs.