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4 Ways to Spend Time with Your London Escort

4 Ways to Spend Time with Your London Escort girl photo
You're in town on business or pleasure and you don't want to be alone. You call a London escort to enjoy some female companionship. She is headed over in an hour and you want to make sure the two of you have all sorts of fun. Learn about some of the best ways to spend the time.

Dinner & Dancing
Dinner and dancing can be a great way to spend the evening with an escort in London. You can start out by getting to know each other over some wine and food. The small talk can lead to flirting and then you can go dancing. It's a great excuse to hold a beautiful girl in your arms for a while as you dance. It can be a high-end blues club or a swanky nightclub in the heart of London.

Enjoy the Town
If you have never been to London before, you may want to enjoy the town in all of its glory. A sexy, open minded escort can play tour guide as the two of you spend some quality time together. You can explore all of the top sights like Big Ben and Piccadilly Circus as well as some of the sights your escort wants to show you. It can be a great way to really get a feel for the city because you will be shown around by someone who is passionate about where she lives.

Go to a Social Event
When you're in the company of a sexy escort, you may want to show her off. A social event that you have been invited to can be a great excuse. It could be a charity event, a holiday party, or even a friend's wedding. People can see the two of you together and you can boost your ego by having everyone check out the hot date that you were able to walk in with.

Stay In
There's something to be said about keeping it simple and asking the London escort to accompany you for a night inside your hotel room. The two of you can pop open a bottle of bubbly and order room service. With no place to go, you can make it more about getting to know the sexy girl in front of you.

She's likely going to want to get comfortable. She may slip into something slinky or even disrobe to reveal some incredibly appealing lingerie. She may flirt and have some fun and really open up to you about some of her favourite things to do.

The two of you can relax and let nature take its course. You are both consenting adults, so there's no worry about what can and will happen. If both of you are on the same page, you can simply enjoy the moment without stressing about anything. There are no rules when you are out with a London escort, except that you are respectful and ensure you have a green light for any action that you take.